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About Richardsons Healthcare

Richardsons has been manufacturing patient support systems for more than 50 years, and is able to advise table manufactures on mattresses options. We are continuously looking at new and innovative ways of manufacturing and can provide advice on all aspects of the product from materials used in production to attaching the mattress to the table.

The company has stringent quality control on all of its product ranges and every item is inspected before leaving the premises. Our operating table mattresses are tested for their conductivity, fluid resistance and aesthetic qualities. Other products undergo similar testing specific to their use in the field.

Richardsons is a privately owned company and has its manufacturing site in Liverpool, UK. The company has in house moulding, sewing, sonic welding and hand crafting facilities and our skilled staff develop and manufacture products to the highest International standards.

Richardsons Healthcare Ltd has a wide range of products to suit every cushioning need.

After you have finalised the design of the patient support system in consultation with Richardsons, the mould is ready to be made. We use an experienced tool maker who makes a precision model of the product and casts a mould from this.

Production Facility

Richardsons have a 10,000 sq ft factory dedicated to the production of support systems. The factory is divided into three main sections under the banners of Moulding, Sewing and Handcrafting.

The facility is always undergoing change and improvement and all staff are activity involved in improving their own working environment to help satisfy customer demand in terms of delivery and quality. As part of these continual improvements we strive for the best in health and safety under the supervisor of Manufacturing Director Ian Spofforth. Quality is monitored by Daniel Shannon who runs quality checks on the products before delivery.