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Hand crafted products

The craftsmen in our factory make specialist items, which include which include knee crutch pads trolley pads, lamanectomy supports, chest supports and transfer trolley covers and also one-off items for prototypes. We use a wide range of covering materials and foam interiors including pressure reducing visco-elastic foam. This area of production is particularly useful for small runs which may later become moulded products.

The main benefits of hand built items is the ability to manufacture one off items. This may be a specialist item or developmental work but means that the cost of a moulding tool is not a factor. We can make many items in different sizes shapes and materials. The skills of our hand builders are also used to hinge sections of moulded mattresses together if required. This gives a join where tabletops may need to move. The hinging options are many and this is just one option available to free up the movement of the table.