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Moulded products

Our moulded mattresses are made from soft and comfortable yet durable and hardwearing integral skin polyurethane. Richardsons have developed with one of Europe’s leading polyurethane manufactures a unique integral skin system to meet the specific requirements of the medical mattress industry. These specialist medical requirements include:

  • Antistatic/conductive to BS 2050
  • Fire retardency to BS 7177
  • Irritation and sensitization ISO 10993/10
  • Toxicity ISO10993/11
  • Latex free product

The moulded products have no seams or join to allow the ingress of fluid and are easy to clean thereby reducing the chances of cross infection. The products hardwearing properties means a longer expected lifetime than traditional sewn or welded products, reducing replacement costs and aiding in hospitals desire to be more environmentally friendly. The products fully comply with current chemical legislation for the protection of the Ozone layer making this a very “green” product.

The moulding process also allows unlimited scope for design, allowing greater functionality and improved patient positioning. It allows for aesthetically pleasing high quality finishes that would be impossible from a sewn or welded product.By selling only to the OEM market we offer our customers a unique advantage for profitable repeat and replacement business. Hospitals can only replace their moulded item through the OEM channel guaranteeing repeat sales. The fixing of the mattress to the table is a product feature we can advise on. These options include Velcro, studs moulded into the mattress, and holes moulded onto the base of the mattress, which fit onto pins on the table. We can also include boards in the base of the mattress allowing the mattress to form part of the table top. Each attachment option has advantages and disadvantages and the products intended use need to be considered.

Richardsons have been moulding mattress and accessories for more than 15 years and we are always happy to give advice to table manufacturers on what might be the best options.