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Richardsons Healthcare Ltd has a wide range of products to suit every cushioning need. We specialize in moulded mattresses and accessories for operating tables but we also include sewn products, sonically welded and hand crafted items in our range. Our moulded products for theatre offer many advantages for patient support and wellbeing. Because of our unique process, we are also able to offer an an almoust unlimited choice, when designing shapes and sizes of products. Please see product details page or contact us for more information. Sewn and handcrafted items are used for a variety of products from prototype mouldings to birthing beds and rescue mattresses. See specific product pages for more information.


All raw materials are from pre-approved suppliers who have demonstrated they can meet the requirements of our quality management system. Products are tested at every stage of manufacturing before they are shipped. Richardsons has a robust quality management system.

Richardsons uses the very latest pressure mapping equipment and can provide pressure maps for all its mattresses.

Design Fulfilment Process

After you have finalised the design of the patient support system in consultation with Richardsons, the mould is ready to be made. We use an experienced tool maker who makes a precision model of the product and casts a mould from this. The tool maker will take into account any factors such as foam shrinkage. Once Richardsons receive the tool we will mould a prototype product and deliver it for approval. The product is now ready for full production and we will store the mould at our plant until required. All sonically welded mattresses will also be designed in full consultation with the customer.