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Welded products

Richardsons specialise in fluid-proof welded products. Using sonic welding equipment, we make mattresses and accessories for operating tables, theatre trolleys, birthing beds – wherever it is vital that there is no ingress of fluid through the cover into the foam interior. Our welded products are entirely fluid-proof.Covering fabrics are flexable polyuerthane (pu) coated nylons in black anti-static (conductive), or a range of properties and colours to the customers choice. Welded (pu) makes an extremely strong and durable seam.

We use the entire spectrum of foam to create the cushioning result required by our customers and the hospital clients, whether this is standard foam, viscoelastic foam or combination of the two.Our weleded products have fluid-proof vents to allow the movement of air in and out, which prevents any ‘ballooning’ effect. The main fixing technique is ‘velcro’, but other methods can be discussed at the design stage.